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I’ve gotten requests from a lot of women who have said, okay, I’m working on thinking more positively, but I’d love to have more tangible ways to practice self-love and self-care.

I get that.

Self-love is not just a concept in our heads. Yes, I talk a lot about releasing negative thoughts and criticism towards yourself and embracing more loving thoughts. I also talk about how our thoughts create our actions and therefore our lives. But, self-love is also a very concrete, realistic thing.

The problem is, that we’ve been taught for a long time that if we’re not constantly working hard or taking care of others, we’re being selfish.

What we’re not taught, is that taking care of yourself is taking care of others. If you don’t work on yourself, if you don’t take time for rest and relaxation, if you don’t feed your soul; you’ll be so burnt out and depleted you won’t be any help to anyone else. Least of all yourself.

Now, the below list may seem trivial at first glance. However, I promise that if you commit to putting some of them into practice, every single day, you’ll see quantum shifts in your life. I also created a free video series around self-love to help you end dating frustration forever.

1. Buy yourself fresh flowers

2. Clean your house or apartment

3. Organize your workspace and files

4. Take time for rest and relaxation

5. Wear red lipstick and heels just because it’s a Tuesday. I love this color!

6. Eat while focusing only on your food

7. Make a list of fun activities to do and post on your fridge

8. Repeat the following mantra “I love and accept myself”

9. Make…

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