In so many couples, feelings of connection and passion disappear over time.  The relationship or marriage slides sadly downhill.  The partners go on autopilot, barely relating to each other, failing to connect in any kind of present-time, intimate, sexy way. And they drift apart, often to the point of breakup or divorce.  But there is great news!  Starting to do four fun activities for couples can actually save a relationship.

Four Fun Activities for Couples

Laughter is the closest distance between two people.
Victor Borge

Remember, how you first fell in love with each other—while you were going out on dates that were fun?  So the first question is “What can we do to keep having fun together?” Here are four kinds of fun activities for couples: quiet enjoyment, humorous, exciting and novel activities.

Four Fun Activities for Couples: Quiet Enjoyment

First off, create situations and interactions where you are happy, content, enjoying yourself and having fun.  And your partner is too.  Share activities like museum exhibits, plays, movies, picnics, day trips, long walks on trails or in parks.  Try lounging in front of the TV and watching an entire season of that sci-fi or comedy series that you both love. These activities inevitably lead to holding hands, touching, looking at and appreciating each other. In fact, the quieter alone-time activities produce the hormone oxytocin which is the bonding and attachment hormone.

Quieter activities for your down-times together are perfect for couples that lead stressful lives. Either because of work or family responsibilities like children or sick parents. If you want to really bond with a highly stressed partner, try not to run him/her around too much and make affectionate contact so he/she slows his motor down. I’m not saying you…

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