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How To Meet The Right Man When Dating

After our article about the issues with women trying to meet quality men, we wanted to publish a little help. Here are some ways how to avoid making mistakes with dating apps and online dating. This will help with how to meet the right man when dating.

If you’re a woman new to a dating app then have an open mind and be positive.

After you create your profile be prepared for an initial group of not so nice messages from men looking for hookups. It always happens because the apps let everyone know you’re new so you’re low hanging fruit for the creeps.

Whatever you do don’t feel like you need to answer every message. Block the creeps and send polite “not interested” messages to men you don’t like.

I you like a guy’s picture then take the time to read his profile, if he has one. If his profile is one you like, or you think he is someone you have interest in, then respond with a short reply.

It’s also ok to reach out and message men. Here be short, like “Hey how are you ?”.

Although many experts disagree on the next step, our advice has always been to try to get him to talk to you on the phone. Yes, you may some dick pics and terrible texts but just block those jerks too. There is no reason to go out and get a burner phone (prepaid) since you can block someone.

The reason why we say this is because, by talking you’ll avoid the online dating pen pals and you’ll get a much better sense of someone by hearing their voice. Remember, the…

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