I want you to listen up…

This summer I’ve been traveling a lot again. Most recently I was in Arizona.

And I’ve been realizing what is missing in my life: freedom.

As I was driving in Arizona on a daddy/daughter trip, just allowing the beauty of the road, the scenery, the amazing company to just fully engross me, I had a moment of clarity.

I drove over 887 miles in Arizona and not one time did I get stressed out.

Even when there was congestion around Phoenix, you were still moving and you knew that you were close to the open road.

887 miles, not one time did I get stressed out. I can’t drive 8.87 seconds in Los Angeles without getting stressed out, without feeling claustrophobic, boxed in, and congested.

I am so over Los Angeles.

I want you to read on, though, because Los Angeles was a great place for me at a time in my life when I needed her to be that great place for me.

There are still many amazing, beautiful, great things about Los Angeles. But the quality of life doesn’t exist.

As I was horseback riding through the forest on my trip, I realized I could have one of these ranches. I could have animals.

I can own a horse or two.

I can have sheep, goats.

I can have freedom.

And not only can I have freedom, but the quality of life is also so much higher.

I recently did a podcast with somebody and we talked about it.

He’s got so many friends who live in LA, and they all share places so they can live in Los Angeles.

If you ask the majority of people why they live here, they tell you it’s the weather. See, they’d rather live like a rat…

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