Men Seeking Love Should Definitely Use A Professional Matchmaker

5th November 2022 by Alexis Mead — Leave a Comment


Many new singles entering the dating world are discovering that it’s not that easy to find that special someone. Today the use of dating apps is every popular but even that can turn into an almost full time job. This can be difficult for busy professional men. So, men seeking love should definitely use a professional matchmaker.


But like dating apps, one size doesn’t fit all. We have all seen the Bravo TV show Millionaire Matchmaker. Here a man picks from a group of women with the hope one will win his heart. That is not the way it typically works.

Today’s matchmakers are generally broken down into two distinct groups. The large national chains and the specialized boutique matchmaker.

The national chains in many ways are not much different from regular online dating or dating apps. Here a matchmaker matches you with a database of women. The limitation is if they don’t have someone as part of that database, you’re probably not going to find a match.

The boutique matchmakers on the other hand starts with a database but then take it several steps further.

These matchmakers usually work with a network or other matchmakers, so they have access to multiple databases of women. Beyond that, a select group of boutique matchmakers use a network of recruiters.

Recruiters are people who are out and about. These can be bartenders, event promoters and…

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