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On my Instagram page I posed the question, “What is your biggest frustration with dating?”

Wow, did I get a lot of comments.

One of the most interesting replies came from a man’s perspective.

Here is what he said:

I’ve noticed dating through my 30’s that women tend to not be completely upfront with their true agenda. This is the biggest issue for me as a man.

I meet a woman, we decide to date which to me means, let’s get to really know each other and see if we can make this work.

Women seem to go into dating with the mindset of we’re about to get married.

Hmm…to be fair I don’t know if you like black coffee or decaffeinated tea. I don’t know why you cry when you hear “that” song and I don’t know if you like lotion or baby oil after a bath.

The point I’m making to women is to be more fair to yourself. Yes, you might have met a lot of frogs and finally a prince, who could even end up being your Prince, but please be easy..don’t rush to have talks about your perfect wedding, or where we’re headed, when I don’t know your middle name.

Slow down and find out more about what’s on his agenda and don’t be so pushy about your own. Slower is better ladies..with love.

I loved his comment so much!

This is something that comes up often with clients. They wonder how “upfront” they should be in their dating profile, or on their first date about what they’re looking for.

They understandably don’t want to waste their time.

Or, they start dating a guy whom they get really attached to, and wonder why he starts to pull…

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