Have you ever wondered: What would it take to own a healthy body image? I mean not for a moment. Or just in that dress? Quickly, what are the first words that come to your mind when I say “Think about your body”?   Did ‘fat’ or ‘old’ or some variation thereof pop into your mind?  You are definitely NOT alone.   Achieving a healthy body image with unconditional acceptance is both challenging and possible.    If you practice the Diamond Self (DS) Body image hack.

The truth is that when we women relate to our appearance we are almost always in a judgmental, critical and PICKY mode.  We view our bodies through an awfulizing lens, where each pound seems to be like 10, each dimple of cellulite is like a sea of orange peel skin, each wrinkle is like a crevice that draws all the attention.  This is because we unconsciously use a compare and despair function, where we compare ourselves to impossible-to-achieve size 0, 20-something ideals of beauty.  From every ad, TV shows, movies, and even social media have blasted these images of thinness, youth and perfect air-brushed beauty into us on a daily basis.

No one has a perfect body.  Those photos you see of celebs in magazines are retouched.  Those actors in movies and TV are layered in makeup and have body doubles half the time.  Those models you see on the runways are usually struggling with eating disorders that can have them looking like skeletons in real life. The obsession with being thin, young and perfect-looking is the bane of our culture.  Every woman in this culture suffers from what I call the body blues at some point in their adolescent and adult lives.

Until now.

Owning a Healthy Body Image No…

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