Wondering whether you turn men off in your dating and love life? Lots of women do this.  And it is accidental and unconscious and sometimes very hard to understand!  This can be especially troubling when it comes to the guys you like, the very ones you are interested in!  Who then proceed to disappear on you.

It’s super disappointing when things go south with someone you are into.  But it could be just a matter of you doing some very small things that turn men off.  And I am going to review the most common turnoffs, with the help of an amazing dating coach, Mark Rosenfeld, who you will soon meet in the video below!

So you can upgrade your dating skills and keep the guy you want.

Sometimes it seems like the chances of finding and keeping your soulmate are slim to none.   You may feel like you will never find the one true love who will overlook your foibles and hang in there to make your relationship work!  I know.  You may even be burnt out with dating altogether.  I understand.  But just check out the rest of this blog and video to help you get where you truly want to go in your heart of hearts.


Mistakes that Turn Men Off: Being Judgmental Etc.

One of the things you may be doing that turns men off is being too judgmental and picky.  Especially about looks, income, and other more superficial things.

Other things that turn men off include:

  • Being too nice, where you tend to turn yourself inside out to be who the guy wants
  • Not being yourself–you tend to NOT be real about asking him to fill your own needs and wants

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