Do you feel like you’re on a dating or relationship treadmill where you’re attracting guys who wound you? Where you get disappointed over and over again in the same old way? Here’s my Self Sabotage Dating Quiz to help you have a breakthrough in your love life.

A self sabotage dating pattern will sneak up on you, often when you least expect it.  Even though you vowed that you’ve learned your lesson and will never be cheated on, left, or heartbroken by the same type of guy again.  In fact, you do wind up in the same heartbreaking situation again. This repetitive behavior comes from a secret self-sabotage that ruins any chance of lasting passionate love.

The Self Sabotage Dating Quiz: The Five Primary Types

What’s behind the self-sabotage? Your unconscious mind. And it tends to be most drawn to the kinds of partners and relationship scenarios you’re used to. This is a natural process that typically stems from your childhood experiences and early relationships. Your unconscious gravitates to what is most familiar and feels right. These are the guys you’ll tend to feel the most attraction with from the start. The problem is…

What is most familiar to you may not be ideal for you or even compatible with you in the long run. What feels right isn’t necessarily right.

So I call these unconscious behaviors the Self Sabotage Dating Patterns. In my book, Love in 90 Days, I’ve identified 13 main patterns that lead to heartbreak over and over again. For now, we’re going to zone in on the five primary ones. Once you understand your own behavior, you will not have to repeat it.

The Self Sabotage Dating Patterns Quiz: Determine your Pattern(s)

Group A. Answer the following…

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