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I have dated women of all ages.

I’ve had relationships with women 15 years younger.

I’ve had relationships with women 3 years younger.

I’ve had relationships with women my own age.

And I can tell you, there’s a big difference at times.

Sometimes when you’re dating a younger woman, you almost feel like it’s your child.

I’m not one of those creepy men that date women 30 years younger than then and come up with, “she’s really mature for her age.”

I love that.

She’s not mature for her fucking age. That’s your penis talking, dude.

It’s basically your penis going, “Hey man, we really like to have sex with this girl. Her body is really amazing. She’s really mature for her age.”

She might be. She might be 26. You’re 56 years old, and you know what? She might act like a 27 year-old, but she doesn’t like a 56 year-old, and the fact of the matter is that if you think she’s mature for her age and you can relate with her on every level, it means that you are immature for your age.


That’s where it comes from.

You’re immature for your age. Think about that.

I truly believe that there are times when you’re going to date younger women that you’re going to feel like you’re talking to your daughter or somebody that definitely has not lived through what you have lived through.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

It comes with the territory.

It’s part of the territory, it’s the truth.

If you don’t allow the penis to do the talking, then you allow your mind…

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