Shocking title, I know.

Because you came to this website to read dating tips and advice from this guy, me, who’s been teaching people how to date and connect for 20 years.

But, what I’m about to tell you is controversial and true.

There’s no such thing as a fucking dating expert.

None of the gurus you listen to, none of the people that give advice. They’re not dating experts.

It doesn’t exist. I’m going to tell you exactly why.

I started this thing, this industry.

I was the first person that slept on people’s couches to coach them.

I had people sleep at my house.

But, I had never taught — nor do I ever teach you — how to date, because here is a variable that none of these so-called wannabe dating experts (I’ll get to them in a second) are going to tell you.

I am not on that date with you.

I am not sitting opposite that person you are talking to.

I’m not inside your crazy mind.

I’m not inside their crazy mind.

I’m not with you after the date to download and interpret what is real and what is not real. And, I’m not inside their crazy mind as you speculate and go through the date, just like you’re doing.

You see, what I just described was just two human beings having a human experience.

Nobody can decipher what could and should happen on a date.

Nobody can tell you the “10 things you need to do on a date to make the date successful,” because that’s a variable that doesn’t exist.

Do you want to know why?

Because two random people are going out.

Two random people are there trying to connect. And, two random people are acting the way that they are programmed to…

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