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Video Chat Before A First Date Is A Must

We all Facetime with friends and family. Video chat became the only way to date or meet during the lockdowns. But to video chat before a first date is a must.

Although many people use the term Facetime, that is unique to those who own an iPhone. The most popular video chat app is WhatsApp. It is owned by Facebook and has over 5 billion users. That makes it the most used app of its kind in the world by far.

If you don’t want to give out their phone number, dating apps like Match and Bumble have video chat functions.

As we have talked about before, it’s important to talk to someone to see if there is any connection. Taking that to the next level is video chatting. First off, it eliminates any chance of being catfished.

Video chatting allows to really experience what it is like to actually be with a person. The only difference from being in person, is you can’t smell of touch the person. What most people find is if the connect well on video, they are excited meet.

You feel like you already know the person when meeting so the whole sense of awkwardness or anxiety is gone.

In fact, we found that over 90% of those who video chatted before the first date had a second date !

So, the numbers speak for themselves on how few bad first dates happened. It makes sense because the video chats themselves were almost like first dates.

And for those who just want to meet, are over 90% of your first dates turning into…

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