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As I scroll through my Instagram feed I see beautiful glossy images.

Images of gorgeous women and their boyfriends traveling to exotic places. Wearing clothes I wish I had.

Images of moms who seem more organic than me. More “together” than me.

Images of homes that are freshly cleaned and styled just right.

Images of entrepreneurs who have their side hustle going strong.

I follow these people because these are areas of life that interest me.

They are meant to be images of inspiration.

If that is the case, why do I find myself feeling anxious, guilty, even isolated when I look at them?

Why do I find myself wanting to avoid Instagram entirely?

Because I have come to believe there is no such thing as “having it all”.

At least not having it all, in every area of your life, during each season of your life.

In the past few decades, women have slowly and subconsciously been led to believe that we should…

be extremely fit with a perfect daily routine, wear the latest trendy clothes, always have our hair and makeup done, a thriving social life and sex life, a hot boyfriend or husband, the perfect 2-3 kids while you’re being a perfect mom, a booming career or side hustle, and a clean house with organic, homemade meals.

Just reading that makes me feel anxious. And exhausted.

What if we can’t possibly do it all and have it all?

What if this images we see of women we “assume” have it all are false?

What if they’re giving up sleep, peace of mind, or financial health?

What if we need to choose, in this season of life, our main three focus areas while letting go of the rest?


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